Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2002-01-23 15:10:07 (UTC)

Wicked! (and some rants)

Last night when I was talking to Violet, I found out alot
more about her :) And I like the new info. From what she's
shown me, she has the perfect female form! (in my eyes
anyways.) She's just the right plumpness ^.^

And now the rants! How does Kangaroo Pawz EVER expect to
become a furry when he cant even live like one?! He goes
and and causes destruction to other people's property
without any reason besides "Its fun." Now I ask you, does
ANY animal BESIDES humjans cause damage just for the heck
of it?! NO! Only humans are so dense! What if I smashed in
HIS car windows? HM!? MAN! I'm so dang pissed! I just wanna
erupt on him! Animals dont go and do drugs that mess them
up, they would think ill of any drug that did that because
they beleive in staying ALIVE! .

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