2001-04-19 05:26:55 (UTC)

couple of days

well it's been two days since i have written and nothing
much has happened. i got my hair cut short and i really do
like it alot! yesterday at work jacob and i were talking
and suddenly he said "You know your flipped." i asked him
what it meant and he said " what time you get off
9:00p.m.,i will tell you then." well that lead me to
believe he meant more than i was crazy. i think he was
paying me a compliment,that i was sexy, any way that's the
way i'm going to take it. went to melissa's house today and
dropped off stef's baby shower stuff, have to get ready,
it's on the 6th of may. dale is supposed to go with cindy
and i wed.after the dinner, but i'm afraid if they invite
j.k. or someone like that , he won't go. i really want him
to go....