writings on the wall
2002-01-23 14:55:31 (UTC)


sometimes i wonder if one day i'll find myself a guy
who loves me for who i am, and not just saying "i love
you" to get into my pants. when that day comes, i am sure
that i'll be as happy as hell. the search begins and i
think it's a never-ending search, until i find my Mr Right
that is.

smart-ass Vince called today. i answered the phone
because he was using another number instead of his usual
cellphone number. funny how smart a guy can be when it
comes to this kinda stuff. you see, Vince is a guy i used
to have phone sex with & now that i am sick of it, i
usually didn't pick up the phone when he calls.

so today, i didn't have a choice since i picked up
the phone already. it would e rude to slam down the phone
right? he kept asking me what was wrong & why don't i
answer his calls anymore. i just don't know what to say.
you see, i am seriously not good at saying no. maybe i am
too nice.

i don't even know what to say to him & i suck at
ending phone calls. so there we was, the silence in the
line & i had no choice but to tell him that i am going to
KL. the darn guy even forgot where i live! i promised him
that i'll pick up the phone the next time he calls. later
in the evening, he called again, this time using his own
number. he said he called just to make sure that i will
answer his call. very amusing!