times are a changing
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2002-01-23 14:27:48 (UTC)


this is a long time ocming i know
i know i should have not ignored all the reminders in my
email but i have just been lazy- thats my only excuse.

alot of strange things have been happening of late.
first proper argument with clare which has left me upset
and unsure about a few things but i am sure that i do still
love her

the band- im not still sure whats happening there- i dont
feel that i trust the other members very much any more
which isnt a good thing- and im not sure how they feel
about me any more

have a new project on the go which is exciting tho and a,
looking forward to seeing its results

exmas are not a very pleasant thing anf i am not enjoying
them at all but i should do ok

thats all for now..i think