My Life
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2002-01-23 14:08:20 (UTC)

I haven t heard from Brian (The..

I haven't heard from Brian (The Viking) since our date last
Friday, i've been meaning to call him and thank him and let
him know that I had a nice time but our schedules are so
different. He starts work at 7 pm.
Chris and I have talked again and realized that one of the
guys that I met for a drink is his highschool friend! Small
world. He finally asked me out, we haven't decided when yet.
I sent him my pics again and I haven't heard from him. I
automatically think something is wrong because he didn't
call yesterday but that is my own insecurity. I hope he will
still call though.
Terry calls every day or me him, he's coming up this way
from Texas. He's having some personal problems, finally
shared it with me. I'm glad he opened up to me but he still
has a hard time. His mom responded to an email and told me
he was having a hard time, i told her i knew why, what was
going on, but that he doesn't open up much, she said, ya, he
kind of keeps to himself. I don't know if I can deal with
him being so close-mouthed. I am worried about him too and i
told him that last night and we talked about it a little.
But he's trying to keep a positive attitude and that's good.
I had yoga last night after work, it was good, we worked on
the sun saluation and did balance work, i feel it this a.m.
and my back is aching a little.
I'm going to start pet-sitting for someone tonight through
Monday, 2x a day for a 6 mo black lab and a bird. That will
mean some extra cash, so that will be great.
Hoping to have a productive day.