Jena's Rants
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2002-01-23 14:08:10 (UTC)

Blank Expression

It's 9:07am, and I have accomplished all of my goals for
today. Either I'm extremely efficient or there is not
much to do around here. Actually, it's both. The country
is beginning to get to me. Really I love it, but I
actually brought my crochet piece to work with me. Seeing
as I have so much time here, I minus well be productive in
some sense of the word. I fear I am becoming Martha
Stewart. I guess that can't be all bad, perhaps I too will
become the linen queen and corner the market on home
decor. Or not! Can my present circumstance still lead me
in the direction of my hippy dream?! Oh to own my own
coffee/art store! I ache for it's reality. I really am
too dramatic right now. Tis all for now. Time to work on
that afghan!