changing lanes
2001-04-19 04:24:14 (UTC)

today all day

first of all i should thank everyone out there who has sent
me feedback especially sonia and ice blue sparkles for
their kind words and encouragement. right now steves at
the radio station and things are really looking better for
his business and although my car is still parked in the
driveway i got the promotion and my grandma is going to get
it fixed so i can get to work. ayanna has had a stomach
virus and she has been totally unbearable the past week but
she seems to be getting better,which is why i haven't
written in so long. i met a guy online last week and he
was to good to be true he really seemed to listen to me and
i was really starting to like him even though i've never
seen him we even talked on the phone a few times. i don't
really know what happened though he just dissed me last
night when i tried to meet him and i havent really talked
to him all day--i'll keep you updated on that though. i
know its wrong to cheat on my boyfriend so please noone
send me any hate mail for that but i'm just tired of him
and his lies. truth be told he made me want to have a
better life--without him! one of his artists just got a
record offer from priority and he may make us all very rich
real soon but i don't think money will even solve our
problems. theres just too much water under the bridge and
if i don't move soon i'll drown. i was reading about co-
dependants at the website ice blue hipped me to (WINK) and
i think i might be the poster child for co-dependancy. well
it's getting late and i have a meeting in the morning at
work. i might get fired but i have to really advocate for
one of my clients. it's a long story but Hayes-Barton
church doesn't want him to attend their church and i think
it's because he's black so i'll let you know the outcome on
that tomorrow. goodnight to all you cyberjunkies