Life OF a MOnkey
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2002-01-23 08:39:53 (UTC)

2:27 a.m jan 23 02

well since people will read this, let me introduce myself
the name is adrian or MO.. im from texas and i am a 18 year
old homosexual so watch out you homophobes.. so youll be
going through my life and the changes that occur during the
weeks and months even years(if i remember to keep
posting).. well today has been an ordinary day not much to
say not much to do.. ive been thinking of telling my
brother im gay since hes gay.. two homos in one family what
a horrible thing for parents to deal with.. thats why i
think my parents should never know.. anyways not sure if im
comfortable telling my brother this.. ohh i met this guy
name travis turned out hes a drunk and an asshole.. only
talks to me when hes drunk.. just my luck huh? that was
like a month ago.. so i met this guy named ryan and things
go smoothly and stuff.. he tells me he loves me and i was
shock first person to tell me they love.. also first one to
tell me that is a male.. well that didnt work out.. we are
both the same.. both depressed beings with too much
bitching and no affection.. so we decided to stay friends..
that hardly ever works.. lately ive been getting really
depressed more then usual.. started to hit me maybe im
destine to be alone FOREVER! ill end up an old bitter male
and die alone.. which is okay im not afraid of dying
alone.. im afaid of never having found that one person your
meant to be with.. well i better go.. peace