Can I love?
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2002-01-23 07:44:22 (UTC)

On a positive note.....

Dear Those it may concern,
it's all starting to come
together. After the nightmare 2001 was, it seems that this
year will be good. My test results are good, my mental
health is improving and I feel good about myself.
Now, only 2 things dominiate my thoughts. The first is doing
whatever I can to get the best exam results so I can enroll
in the college course I want. The second is the question of
what I feel for G. Is it really the love I say it to be? Or
is it some insane sheer curiousity? Does my mind say I love
him only because he was the first to have feelings for me?
Should I be pissed that the first person to love me (or at
the least had the courage to) was a man? For the moment, I
am pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind. When the
exams are over in the summer, I will have to address the
issue and come to a final decision-it's Fight or Flight
Thanx for listening,

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