poisoned darkness
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2002-01-23 07:42:52 (UTC)

varying shades of creation.

I fell in love once, along time ago. And now I wonder if
it was all a figment of my imagination. He’s gone, he has
been for a little over a year. And every day a little more
of him dies in my heart. But I hold onto everything I
can. He was the first person that caused me to challenge
the status quo. I’m white, Chris was black. Absolutely
beautiful. And there was nothing typical about us. It
didn’t matter that I was 10 shades lighter than him. I was
me. And he was Chris. Plain and simple. Friends since
childhood. Everything, no matter how messed up, was
perfect. We just clicked. It didn’t matter to us that we
were different. We were kids. Children don’t see skin
colour. And to us, we were no different, just varying
shades of creation.

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