The Chronicles of a Career Loser
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2002-01-23 07:01:43 (UTC)


So I have a job interview tomorrow at two. It's with a
staffing company. I really hope that I get it. B living
here has made it diffucult to keep up the front. At least
I'll be able to get outta the house a bit. It apparently
pays pretty well.

Other than that, I've been in a pretty good mood lately.
Nothing really bothering me, other than the fact that I'm a
bloody loser and I have no life. I don't know if that was
sarcastic or not.

I went to see the girlfriend today. Nothing really
special, just felt like spending some time with her. It's
an hour drive to her University, so I got one of those
cheezy $4 bouquets that you see in the grocery store and
drove up to spend a couple of hours with her. It was kinda
nice actually.

Some days, I'm bitter and alone. Maybe having someone else
in the house has made me a little more sane. I don't do
drugs, I don't really drink, and I don't drink alone... so
I guess that I just need a niche. Something to get up in
the morning for. Something other than what I have now. I
think that I might just tell everyone that it got to be too
much for me and I found a good job. I do have some
university, maybe I can find a data entry job or
something. I just need anything. It would really make my
year if I got this job. I'm going to keep my fingers

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