Work in Progress
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2001-04-19 03:56:58 (UTC)

Been a while

Being deeply involved in my life, it appears as if I have
forgotten to write. I suppose it's a good thing; I haven't
lifted a sharp object to my skin in quite a while.

Life is good, the first time I can say such in what feels
like a modified eternity. "In a good mood for no reason for
the first time in a long time" was my mood description on

I have started sleeping. I sleep several hours a night.
This is strange, yet not unwelcome.

I seem to have developed a crush on JR, the one who
preached from the button. Out of the thousands of people
who passed him by, he waved to only me. Before I construct
a mountain from a molehill, I will resign myself to silence.

Men are odd creatures, aren't they? I'd almost like to be
one for a day to figure out what makes them tick. I'd like
to discover why I tend towards men whose names begin with
A, and why these tend to disappoint me so.

I shall let loose this coming weekend. Perhaps I will have
more interesting stories to tell.

Tea and crumpets,