lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-23 05:46:49 (UTC)

da hats rule!!

haha ok so the last few days have been pure fun & it ain't
stoppin! i only have a day and a half left of
school...sweet sassy molassy! ahh this rocks!! enough
exclamation points for you?!!!!

yeah so today was the 1st day of 2nd semester and it was
all good. i found out i aced all my finals except fendy's,
which i got an 86 on...i swear my grade has BEEN an 86 all
year and all i ever get on ANYTHING is 86 so i think he has
a plot against me. quite likely.

ok and i found out today i was elected treasurer for
missions club. that's cool i guess...but i had talked to
ms. ramirez and she was trying to convince me to do
leadership and i said, "okay, i'll do anything but
treasurer...i wouldn't be good at that." sooo she's either
stretching me out of my comfort zone or she got the exact
wrong idea. haha whatever. ooh anyway, we're going to
mexico in june and working in an orphanage...did i already
write that in here? probably.

mm yes and i got out of tech class so i have 5 academic
classes...ahh that's nice. but of course now my mom thinks
she isn't getting her $$ worth. i'll show you your money's
worth, ok??

oh and one final note- storing cans of beer in a locker w/o
a lock and then leaving it wide open? good idea. bonus
points if it's at a christian school. ahh i just don't get
some people.