still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-04-19 03:11:58 (UTC)

a bit better

Well today I started my new job and although I don't know a
thing about first mortgages , they seem very willing to
train me...I was supposed to be hired for the Ramcho
Bernardo office but the Manager here in Mission Valley said
he's like me to stay...he'll worry about dealing with the
other manager who wants me there...That's so cool because
this location is only 10 minutes from my house and the
other is at least 30...Well I haven't had a cigarette in 2
days!!!!Probably because I quit my hellhole old job...Okay
well I did have one yesterday..bummed one off some guy at
Dog Beach but that's it!!!I think that is dmn good
considering that I was smoking a pack a is very
very hard though...especially aftre I eat...and I'm dieting
and I've gotten up early the past 2 mornings to go jogging!
I am very proud of myself although I still feel like a fat least I have a couple months til the reunion and
river season...I would like to wear a bathing suit in
public...Well I answered an ad on [email protected] just for the
hell of it...the guy doesn't seem that cute but he's okay
and we talked for the first time on the phone last night
and he seems to have a great sense of humor...he was
cracking me up! I love that in a guy...I knida wished I
wouldn't ve answered now because he wants to do lunch this
weekend which means it may be a date thing and evefntually
the hair thing might come up...I shouldn't jump the
gun...we may not even like each other...I met a guy that I
had answered his ad last week just looking for a friend,
nothing serious so we met at the beach and talked for a
bit...he was cute but obviously just wanting a piece of ass
so forget that one...And the last thing he said was"I'l;l
call you tomorrow" O yeah I've heard that
pretty much means"I won't fucking ever call you again" LOL
No big loss...don't want a playa as friend anyhow.Men can
be so fucking shallow!!!If they aren't getting any sexual
favors what is the point of them being your friend...that's
how they see it anyways...ok well enough men bashing for
now...wish me luck on the lucnh date if it ever
happens..I've met about 10 guys online and I've had a good
time but never any of them turned into a relationship so I
really am leery about online love, so to speak...well bye
for now