my crazy life, check it out...
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2001-04-19 02:57:36 (UTC)

life is just can't please anyone...

Hello, here i am it again. another day into my frustrating
life. Nothing has changed much today. I am trying to
prepare for prom this saturday. I am excited cuz it is my
senior prom, but it is my b.f's. I like going to his
schools cuz I don't care for my school that well. I like
meeting new people. I doubt we'll go to mine, since he is
in the guard and has drill that weekend. I don't know? I
doubt I would enjoy myself anyways there. oh well. I
finally received an email from my "friend" Tasha. I guess
she went to Jamaica. I haven't talked to her since like
february! I swear. I just need to shut up about my
friendships. But this is the stuff that bothers me the
most. This is the stuff that boggles my mind like everyday,
that I just cannot change. I try to blow it off, but I
can't. I guess I try not to think of it, cuz I know that I
have Tim and he makes me complete, so I don't know??? But
it is nice to know that you have people there for you.
Here is a poem I have written:

I am burning, so consistently I am on fire. But you have
yet to save me from overwhelming myself, from complicating
myself, like you complicate me.
I am burning, my soul and heart is ash. I feel as though I
am ready to collapse. I have overdosed on someone who has
made me feel alive. I have overjoyed and overspent to
please that one person, but there isn't any descency, nor
satisfaction to portray. I'm left on fire from my thoughts.
It's hell inside.
He will never save me or give me room to improve. Not even
a single teardrop that has fallen can stop my burning, not
even one.

well, well. I don't have much to say right now. so hit me
back if you want. If anyone is reading anyways!! :) bye!!

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