Lemon Drop
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2002-01-23 04:26:22 (UTC)

ice cream is making my nausiated!

Lemon Head,
whats happeneing to the world?? I can't eat jello or ice
cream w/out waning 2 throw ^!! thats so NOT cool!! oo boy
oo boy i cant wait till 2morro morinin in h.b. i;ll b
running around like an idiot! hehe! i'm still hungry :'( i
think i'm gunna loose all that weight i gained when mommy
was here! yay! i'm SO bored.. i should b doing my h.w.! o
well thats what waking up early is 4!! DUHHH! lol or should
i say dowie! lol! 2morro i get 2 yell @ Taylor.. WOOHOO!
and tim semega.. some1 i hate and some1 i like.. boy o boy
chrissys weird.. shes so lucky to even have guys like her
but she takes it as an advantange! I mean Jason asked her
in THE most sweetest way and she said no! she knos that
Steve doesnt like her... it'll take a longggg time for her
n papich 2 get 2gether and her and taylor are far across
the line if ya kno what i mean.. i just hope she relizes it
b4 its 2 late! Alexa and Olivia r on my last nerve their
annoying the shit outta me! GRR! i have drill team
2morrow :'(!! i should tell ash to go out w/ john still on
thurs then he'll get on her nerves lol! I luv Ash right
now! shes being so nice 2 me but not bhind my back but who
she nice about bhind their back? i luvv gina but i don
think she likes me.. o well she's stuck w/ me 4 now lol!

I straightened my hair! it looks like a piece of shitt!! i
gotta wake up @ 4 do my h.w. till 5:30 or wheneva then get
my stuff ready 6-7 my hair, 7-7:45 getting ready 4 school..
ne ?'s? good! y isnt ne1 online @ 11:17 P.M.??? lol.. their
such snobs! sleeping away not thinking of the others lol

Ok wanna kno the real real real truth? I've been jelous of
Chrissy since day 1.. shes so pretty and smart and a lot of
guys like her.. i mean seriously what do guys think of me
when i pass em?? omg her hair is totally ugly! it looks
like fletchers except longer? ewww! bite me! but
seriously.. Jason, Taylor (kinda), John, Tim S., pretty
sure Duckie, Alex M., etc.. all like her! IT'S NOT
FAIRRRRRRRRRRR!! o well life is life and live to the
fullest.. the fullest i can live it is by lieing to
every1 :'(, o well noone will never like me.. i'll go 2
shaler 4 h.s. that way i might b able 2 go 2 the prom! i
mean even my bro went! if i dont go i will seriosly cryyy
till death does me part hehe!

ok gtg