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2002-01-23 04:19:47 (UTC)

i went out with jennifer today..

i went out with jennifer today
it was great.
i felt so relaxed and happy all day long
and it was amazing.
we saw a semi decent movie. wouldnt recommend it though.
just not so much my kind of thing.
but she wanted to see it and she paid and i really didnt
care anyway
we did some shopping =) and that was fun too.
then we went to dinner together
she knows all of this stuff about basketball.
im beginning to think im the only one who doesnt in this
boys were talking to us.
and it made me laugh.
they are so stupid.
not all of them, but most.
mating rituals are disgusting and annoying.
i much prefer honesty.
i have a huge headache.
i smoked too much today.
i think i smoked at least a pack and a half possibly more
im listening to old school back in the day kind of music
and its making me a little sad.
i miss people.
but then again, i miss who they were before.
not who they are now.
so...its pretty pointless i guess
but most emotions seem to be anyway

i cleaned out my car the other day. and i cleaned my purse
out today
i also worked on getting my folders a bit more useful
but, not really.
all thats left is upstairs and that
then im all happy with myself
right now im half way happy
im not really sure when i work again
i need to find out
i just hope its not tomorrow i doubt that it is
emilys out with christin
i hope shes having fun
thats whats important.

"lie to me, i promise ill believe"
this song is a good song.
and shes hot too.
damn. so much to be thankful for =)
i talked to sandra for a little bit today
i hope that things go alright with her and jenelle
i know that its hard for her
and i dont like to see her upset
shes such a great person.
i hope she ends up happy some day
i know she will.
one way or another.

i didnt really talk to adrienne today
she seems to be upset about something or someone, caroline
most likely
but shes not talking to me about it
which is probably a good thing
i just miss her.
i might see her tomorrow, after she gets out of school

my head hurts.
but i dont feel like sleeping.
i should i have class but im not in the mood to do anything
right now
not even sleep.

i wish sometimes that things could just be okay in my life
it seems like everytime that i find myself really believing
that they are or that they will be
something happens that changes things
and there nothign really specific really thats messed up.
its just not okay.
i feel like im in limbo or something.
waiting for something to happen to push everything one way
or the other.

seems like im always waiting for something.

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