Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2002-01-23 04:10:10 (UTC)


omg today was great! I had a buncha ppl over b/c its been
one month for me and Ryan :) and HE CAME TO SEE ME! :D it
was sooooo great! I loved spending time w/ him! when he got
here I made Amanda answer the door b/c I was so nervous and
I hid in the other room and I was like "omg I cant go out
there. omg I cant do it" lol.. and then I went out and
turned right back around a few times until finally he saw
me and came over. I didnt know what to do and I was
shaking so bad b/c I was soo nervous-- isnt that weird?
we've been together a month and I was nervous!? lol.. so he
came over and put his forehead to mine and just looked in
my eyes.. ohh I wanted to melt. the boy has such pretty
blue eyes!! woo wee. and then... HE KISSED ME!! aghh.. like
right away.. then I started shaking even more! lol.. so I
hugged him and we just stood there for a min w/ Lissa and
Amanda and PJ all standing there talking.. lol.. then Lissa
took a few pics.. lol.. but I was so nervous that I felt
like I wasnt even there! lol.. omg it was great... but I
was all shy acting and stuff and he just came right out
fine so I was actually kinda scared to begin w/... but
after like 20 mins it was so great! he was trying to tickle
me after Lissa and PJ left when Emm, Amanda, him and I were
all just hanging out and my dog got all pissed off and was
like going after him.. lol.. it was sooo funny! haha.. but
anyways.. lots of ppl came over.. Ryan and I cuddled and
kissed a lot so I was sooo happy.. He's just the cutest,
sweetest boy in the world.. all my friends love him so Im
even more happy :) hehe.. esp Andrea:

An D R eA887533: dude ur sooo lucky to have ryab
An D R eA887533: ryan too!
princessolive03: really!? lol
princessolive03: I was gonna ask you what u thought b/c u r
like so brutally honest that I know u wouldnt lie.. lol
An D R eA887533: god i love him, hes sooooooooooo awesome!!!
princessolive03: I absolutely love the kid! Im so glad
everyone likes him!
princessolive03: OMG! :D