Home Ice World
2002-01-23 01:07:02 (UTC)

My business card - something I do

I walked in lonely streets of my home town and read some
book. Talked to janitor or lawn cutter. I suggested him
if he start a own business of planting flower would be
better worker. He could use rest time to do it.
I wrote some poem. I translate some lyric of song and did
it a poem. I gave it for my friend Mel. I think if dropping
her little good things it can save her back to a better
path. And I can get the better of her friendship she never
could be.
I printed some paper with a draw to a local dealer of hot
dog. He said he had not beer anymore to sell. I printed
a comic horse and wrote down it was barley.
I played something with little girls of my home town after
night. Some catch up and other step foot playing.
A better day tomorrow. I used less words to avoid enemies.
They make wrong what we truly are saying. I hate them
because they are hipocrysis and liers. I love my friends.
I met Mimi she came back from beaches and hug me.
It started a soft rain now. Some butterflies I saw today.
Some Angels in disguise.
Better day for me and all good people world around tomorrow.
My day in Paradise at lonely streets of my home town.