heaven's tearz
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2002-01-23 03:36:42 (UTC)

too long

i havent touched this diary in so long. many things happen.
by da the way happy new year. i havent been around much i
guess and when i am i just simply forget to write. so many
sorries. so yeah here i am i finally settle down with a
guy. his name is demetrio. a little on the loser side but
things can change i believe so. and if they dont who said i
cant just get up and leave right. no strings are tied. let
me paste on what i wrote in my profile.

january 22, 2002 .... tip tapping on nothing more but tip
toes... hearing the water rush from pipe to pipe... things
rack my brains with no sense of ending. i barely have my
eyes open... hearing the tick tock of the clock... waiting
for "mr. settle me down with" to come here... endulge my
senses in him as he sleeps... i sleep we sleep... a daily
routine we have made for ourselves... no dates was made...
just simple night sleeping. school is starting for me on
friday. i forgot da class and at this point it does not
matter... got my bank statement $4.38 to be exact. money is
drained... feeling a little under it all i confessed... i
need a new directions. what a year it has been and yet only
22 days into it. next solution i need to find myself a new
employment. demon kids are running my brains to pieces as
small as apple sauce?! so i heard the "mr. love of my life"
is coming out of incarceration soon.. please do not mind
the misspelling.. my vocabulary is shot since they
invented "spell check"...

this seems alot more better to look at than what i would
write anyways.