Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-23 03:34:21 (UTC)

My glass is empty and has a hole in it

Ok, well its been brought to my attention that I need to
focus on the brighter and more cheerier things in life,
but... This diary is my life line, its where I put all my
sad little complaints on how horrible my life is really
not... But, I will try to allow the glass to remain half
full before it drains out again.... Ok, moving on...
*Growls* I'm sooo not a computer person. I'm still
working on that retarded 3-D Calendar thing for
Engineering, and the third time is not the charm! I think
I'm doing good, and BOOM, I discover I'm not... Figures,
but hey, it's all good.
I love Star Wars... Not just in Myth, but in Jessica's
books!!! Awww, I'm the bomb, and I get to sleep with Zeth,
who is the sexy brother to a murderer of billions (a cute
murderer tho, he has a nice ass), and then when his bro
kills him, I get a cute but occasionally high,
smuggler/merc/outlaw as a future bed partner! wooohooo for
me! And long live Jess' writing!!!!!!! heh, and no I'm
not entirely sane ;) muhehehe
Today was a fairly good day! Wow, be amazed! I got my
Racer X!! And Travis *melts*, but he only did one back
flip into the grand canyon... But Pingree article was
hilarious!!! Yup, that always makes me happy... But
there's more! I got my Shift shirt! Its soo cool! :) Yep,
I was all bummed cause its going to (hopefully) be warm
tomorrow and it wasn't going to come, and I couldn't wear
it. But I can now!!!! Since ya'll care and all...
Ok, wow... I'm in too good of a mood, not natural...
*thinks of Maine* Noooo!!! Ok, I'm back down to normal
now... Well, I still have tons of my History project to
do, so I say screw it for now!!! I'll do it on Thursday
all 11 entries!! Heh. Well, I'm tired, and I need to
reply to some e-mails... Be surprised, I do get mail thank
you very much!