I Debbie...
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2001-04-19 02:21:35 (UTC)


Hello there. I am just free thinking tonight. I have often
heard that if you just begin writing that eventually you
will hit upon a topic that you want to write about. So, I
thought that maybe I would try that. so and so and so and so
how do you learn to sew. I wonder if there are things that
you are pre-destined to learn from various sources. I mean
if you think about it are there certain things that you
shoud get from each stop you make. Are you supposed to get
certain things out of each area and if you don't then are
you a complete person? Like are you compartmentalized like a
box with different levels and areas. I wonder then if based
on what yoou get out of each area if you then go on certain
paths. Like a flow chart in a sence. Or a maze..a maze of
life. The walls of ivy are the barriers you encounter either
from your own personal problems or the problems thrust
uponus by others. There are many avenues you can travel but
you may have to backtrack many times in order to find the
way to your central goal. Or desire. Damn this is good!!!You
have different mazes based upon your station in life and you
can go it alone or withothers. But you can get seperated
from your support system which is why you need twine to keep
yourself in synche. (Is that how you spell it ? ??????)I
wonder if your mind is like that maze in that it can get
tangled and grown over so much so that you get lost in the
underbrush. You loose yourself and become immersed in the
thick brambles and can become lost forever. This cann be
like amnesia,or even alzheimers. It can choke the very life
out of you and cause you to have a heart problem. Or a
stroke,or even a neurological problem . This actually sounds
half assed logical. I think I need to se it when I am more
I Debbie..........