emo kween

i hug pillows
2002-01-23 03:24:27 (UTC)


ive been talkin to jon most of the nite. its so funny.
well, he is. and when i talk to him i realized ive missed
him more than i thought. yea. its the red hair. :] ha i
think ill go to radford some weekend soon to keep him
company. haha.

tonite nicole and i went to dairy queen. and left haha then
went to starbucks. and drove around. funnnn.

im sleepy. and tomorrow i have exams 3 and 4. photography
and umm. ? what else?haha i dnno. but ist so easy. [i hope!]


welp..i dunno what else to write about.

i talked to adam today. yea...i made a cd..umm...i cant
think of anything else.

i cant ever remember anything.

so, bye.

sweet smell before the raiinnn***