Ashley's Such a Girl
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2001-04-19 02:12:25 (UTC)

Aloha once again

Hello again. Sorry there is so much space in between these
entries. Oh, big news!! And lots of it! lol. Last friday I
got my first kiss (finally!!) I don't know if I wrote about
that, but it happened at the 8th hole on putt putt. Today,
I got my contacts (finally) They're alittle weird, but I
can see much better w/ them. I'm going to Laurens party on
Friday, but todd can't go, he's going to London with his
grandparents. um...... Mitch is still mad that gina doesn't
like him. She likes paul and he just needs to get over it.
Oh, tomarrow is Todd and my 3rd week anniversary! :) What
else.... hm.... I think that's about it, c ya laters!
luv, Ashley

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