even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-23 03:01:38 (UTC)


so.. im feeling better, like, by the minute, i think.. i
hope, maybe its in my head, eitehr way, it ffeels good..
ebtter, i hope... kelly says i doubt myself, and shes
right, i do.. i can feel stuff moving through my body, its
so weird... i can hear it sometimes too.. i hope im ok..
and i hope that whatever itm wrong with me isn;t really
wrong with me... mayeb i'll eat something... cause i
haven;t really eaten anything in a m gogn to
go eat it hink.. and mayeb that'll give the stuffo a push,
and get it out, and i'll feel better.. ahh, so manyt things
ive been thinking bout, an things ive been thinking baout
doing, and you know, i need to do them... im goign to do
them as soon as the oppurtunity arises.... cause, thats how
it should be... destiny and all... which i tink i believe
in... im gonan dream tonight, and its gonna be good... im