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2002-01-23 02:45:26 (UTC)

Situations Corrupted With Underlying Causes

we lost to marlboro. what a sucky game. today everyone was
amazed at my debracement. dan h. is so cute in french, hes
like...shanen they look good...n im like haha thanks dan,
and he like grabs my arm w/ that serious face n is like, no
shanen, im serious. they. loook. really. good. im like
righttttttttttttt. total body snatcher moment.

anyways....taryn is watching buffy as usual. like....THAT
IS HER LIFE. everytime i turn around...there she is....and
buffy is on the tv. i mean...i wonder if episodes of buffy
play thru her mind as she sleeps, prolly does.

*40min later*

ok i finally put into words what ive been feeling about the
ex best friend phil pollen thingie. ok heres the history.
phil and marisa met during my frosh bball season last year
thru mutual friends. blah blah blah they were *together*,
went to diff. schools. phil was devoted to her, clingy,
attatched to her hip, and would do whatever she said. he
even said he's change who he was and what he did and how he
dressed, cuz she didnt like it. and anyways, so me and phil
met eventually after bball and we talked alot online and i
was always on 3way w/ marisa and phil and wenever she went
somewhere w/ him i was there. anyways, all we ever talked
about was marisa. then slowly she started hurting him more
n more, n he kept holding on, till she like screamed in his
face to get lost n get a life. so i thought that was way
harsh n i kinda consoled him alot, helped him thru alotta
shyt in his life. anyways, he reveals to me that he loves
ME. so blah blah blah we're never together but we hangout n

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