nichole's mindless thinking
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2002-01-23 02:35:16 (UTC)

Weekend and Today, long entry.

music: The Strokes- Someday

alright so sat. Raven came and got me around 7:00 pm we met
Chris, Reese, Denver, Stephen, and Juan @ this tattoo place
kinda by downtown cus Denver and Stephen were getting
tattoos. then after they were done we made fun of Denver
cus he got a lizard coming out of his belly button haha
goofy kid he says lizard so funny like lizart haha. well we
went back to Raven's cus there was lots of beer waiting for
us, people came over we drank and smoked a little. then
sun. me, Raven, and Rachel sat around all day watching tv
then finally we all got ready cus people were supposed to
come over cus we were gonna barbecue and drink beer, man so
many people showed up I didn't have that much fun, too many
people I didn't know and I didn't feel like drinking but I
met a bunch of nice people and got to smoke so it was
alright. Then mon. morning Raven's boss called and told her
she was supposed to be @ work 40 mins ago so she got
dressed and bitched about going to work I didn't want to
sit there till 6 wen she got off work all by myself so she
called Reese and Chris, hott, to come hang out w/ me till
she got off work but I decided to call my dad and he was
home, yaya! so I got him to come get me we ate @ Blimpies,
that is truly my favorite place, their subs are the best
then we drove back to towards my house to Baybrook Mall I
shopped a little I got like 4 pairs of cute pants from
express , I luv their pants. Then my dad dropped me off.
Well today I went to school, we got our new schedules, so
far no good, this morning I felt so horrible I would get
these sharp pains and my stupid new communication
application teacher wanted to take roll before I could go
to the the nurse then she passed out papers and blabbed on
about that stupid class and the stupid crap we were gonna
be doing, then I had to ask her again, she seemed pissed
or something, oh well I don't care I was about to cry I was
in so much pain. she finally wrote me a pass to the nurse
and she had to ask wy and I told her I was having sharp
pains and she asked me where and I could't really explain
where it was like in my abdominals or something so I said I
don't know and she was like yer hurting but u don't know
where? I was like in my abdominals or something by that
time I was frustrated w/ this stupid lady anyways she
finally let me go this little black lady was in there and I
told her wut was wrong and she asked if it was my time of
the month and I said no so she was like well do u want to
lay down I really wanted to go home but I layed down for a
few mins and I had to listen to this stupid girl talk about
the flu and she was saying all this stupid stuff she sounded
like a dork it was getting on my nerves cus I was feeling bad
and in a bad mood so I was like I'll jus go back to class. uck, the
weather was so humid, I hate humid it made me feel so gross.
man and I had to walk all the way over to the stupid 9th grade
center so the art teacher could tell me we were in lunch so I had to
walk alll the way back to the main campus eat lunch and walked all
the way back over to the 9th grade campus. Today has been one
shitty day I jus came home tuned on the air conditioner,
low, changed clothes, got all 4 of my clothes packages from
the apt. office man it was heavy I had to carry a big box
w/ 3 packages on top all the way too my apt. but oh well
cus yaya! I got these freakin awesome shoes I'm wearing them
tomarrow, they rock, I tried them on w/ my cute pants, then
got on aim talked to Logan, washed my all my new clothes so
they'd fit my little ass better, got my clothes out of the
dryer, cleaned my mess up from my clothes and my room, ordered pizza,
ate it and watched Friends, talked to Ryan, watched that 70's show,
talked to Chaunte on the phone. well I need to take my vitamins, take
a shower and hop into bed, I need sleep. Night.

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