Visions Of Life
2002-01-23 02:30:33 (UTC)

Livin On The Edge Of A Dream...

Well damn.. what a

I am so so so so exhausted so I am going to hurry and write
this and then crawl into bed so I can sleep for an hour
before going to I promised to write so here it

Wow.. my day was like one giant 7 hour Had
lots and lots and lots of great sex for like most of the
day.. Also bought some books.. lol.. But the highlight was
spending time with my love(i really need to quit calling him me to use a better term.. i feel
like..i dont know..)

I still need to look for a new job but I am always too tired
or too but I think I need to find one soonso I
can get the fuck out of my other job before I go completly

I am no longer depressed.. yay!

Totally random comment: when I wear eye makeup, I look
stoned and when I dont, I look like Im on some kickass, fun,
yay yay drug.. lol.. I cant win. I always look high.. wtf

Is national condom week coming up or something??

I know people are gonna get sick of hearing this but before
I go to bed I must write it.. lol.. I am so totally crazily
fully in love and I am happy happy happy!! =) And this time
I have no fear..

I am off to bed.. I know that this wasnt very insightful but
I am exhausted!


End Note: I am not on the road to becoming a Republican
*shutters* Caring about ones image does not make one a
republican.. It makes them special.. If I wasnt tired I
would tell you how it makes them a

I am addickted.. *laughs* Okay... Im done... *giggles*