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2002-01-23 02:25:05 (UTC)

My mom sees ghosts

Im so fuckin tired of my mom denying her gift of
esp. she tells me to shut up, to just "forget" about it.
She doesn't realize the great gift she has. She "claims"
that she lost it, but went on to tell me of the rather
frightening things my ancestors were capable of doing
before me. Now, my mother possess what they call
clairvoyance, that's where she has the ability to see
things before they happen. That is also my extend of
my "supernatural" vocab. Mom can also smell death...okay
whoa, hold up, "smell the dead?!?" you ask, well it means
she has this strange ability to sense the acute smell of
death among the living. Kinda strange? and what's scarier is
that she's my mom! In case your wondering, I DO NOT possess
this wonderful gift, Im only left pouting and vengeful
against my mother's talent. My father doesnt' have it
either, but he thinks my mom's luney anyways.
I believe this gift my mom
has was inherited by her father and his father before that.
Get this, they could do some serious shit! If what my mom
is telling me is true, and if of all my 17 years of being
around my mom I cannot once remember her lying to me or at
least revealing the real truth afterwards. My great-grandpa
supposedly "revived" my very sick great-aunt from the dead.
For some reason, (this is years ago,here) my great-grandma
came rushing in one night to announce the sudden death of
my then nine year great-aunt Olga (please, hold your
laughing ppl, it's a weird name I know) My great-grandpa
immediately told her not to make a sound, not one
word! "Don't even cry" is what he told her, and he went
into Olga's room, wrapped her in her bed blanket and took
her out far into the night. According to my mom, her dad
then told her that HIS dad came back with Olga the next
day, hand in hand! Olga was alive! Now, where did they go?
Hospital? Prolly. But the weird thing my mother later told
me was that after that day, Olga forever had the mentally
of a naive nine year old girl. She never grew out of it,
and no one could it explain how a perfectly normal girl
could suddenly show signs of retardation. Weird huh? But
anyways, back to mommy. She has esp and she's proven it to
me on many occassions. I've taken it upon my task to look
up this strange phenomenon and have found that there are a
lot of other people out there with the same amazing gift.
It is so strange!!! I wish I inherited this gift! I can't
even see ghosts!!!!!