My Life As a Girl
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2001-04-19 01:56:38 (UTC)

Day 2 : I Am So In 'LIKE'!!!!!

okae i am really starting to like p, he said to me again
today before he went to work that he wanted to knoe when me
and him are gonna start 'chillin', lyke what is that!? wow
i am so overwhelmed. okae lets start with the basix...he
is 3 yrs older than me, he is graduating but he has one
more year, and here i am pouring my heart out to him on
ICQ! what the fuck? man, i really got to get it
together...if only i had a little more proof that he would
actually like me. soo many coincidential things happened to
me, that relate to him. i actually had a nice talk with
mary when i secretly skipped school third period to go get
something to eat at the coffee shop. hmm we spent a good
hour nd a half juss talking over hot chocolate. and oh my
gawsh the things we talked about. i kinda trust her she is
pretty cool and okae. aryte at first i didn't knoe her but
she is good. oh yea did i mention she has a twin marina?
yea they are both pretty cool, lyke finally some people who
i can actually do stuff with lyke skipping 3rd period to go
out....haha....and talk about things like guys, school, and
bitches we sooo hate! haha....and i am finally starting to
talk to jenn again...i feel really guilty not talking to
her or asking whats up. i hafto remember she was my friend
for a while and we went thru alot.

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