Sexy gal

My Life
2002-01-23 01:57:02 (UTC)

life has ups and downs

well alot has happened over the past 2 weeks.i thought i
almost lost chris for good this time.See the thing is his
ex from like 8 months came back and tried to get him
back.We found out the reason she wanted him to help take
care of someone elses kid.Of corse he told her to fuck off.
But the even better news is chris and i are nolonger
fighting and getting along great.See the thing is i want to
tell my parents about us but they would kill both of us and
i would lose their trust. my dad got a school is
going going to pass math class even if i fail my
exam.And in english im hoping i dont fail probaby wont ive
made it this going to apply for a job where my dad
works as a cashier.

Well thats about it
aka sexygal0069

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