Emotional Fluctuations
2002-01-23 01:53:23 (UTC)

Love don't cost a thing...

The title of this is the song I'm listening 2 as I write
this. I am about 2 go 2 rehersal and I saw Dana and she
looked as if she wanted 2 talk but I am not going 2
initiate it. She has 2 tell me she wants 2 talk. I will go
on and b the person I always a. she knows whewre 2 find me
and how 2 get a hold of me. ANyway. I'm nervous about 2nite
cause it's the first real run-thru we have done. I hjope I
remember all my lines. It's fucking hard with this play
cause a lot of it is almost non-sequitor... well, not
really but it is so irregular that it makes it difficult.
Plus we still don't have the music 4 the second half. Oh
well, I hope when I look back on this I can have a happy
memory. Well, I suppose I should go and get ready. BTW,
Misty is sitting next 2 me and her hair is colored and
cute. Oh well, she has Aussie boy amd I still need 2 c
what's happening w/ Dana. Peace & B Wild!