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2002-01-23 01:41:29 (UTC) all mine all mine, the fog on the tyne.

A few more things from the day as was.

I've run out of room to put CDs. If anyone wants to borrow
anything, ask me, and I'll see what I can do. Oh, and
Minidisc copies too, I've lots banging about, and if you
listen to different things to that which I often do, I'll
gladly record you things, or if you give me a theme, I can
work to it. Quite the amount of spare time, and I'm only
doing Parachutes soon-ish....

Erm, I've started realising that I drink coffee so strong
that the bits (coffee, what have you...) start about half-
way down/up the cup. Also, on that theory, I realised that
regardless of how annoying I am now (I know, I take jokes
too far, never take anything serious, and am too cynical by
half. Oh, funny story about'll be in an entry
called funny story, soon) I can be even moreso, just by
quoting in actual speech. ('As Darwin said "yadda yadda

Oh, and to all those who think that being outgoing (or
going out) is all that matters (I don't think I mean anyone
in particular. Maybe, but not that can I think) riddle me
this - phrase good. Will use more frequently - If I went
out, I would become a wreck. Physically, mentally. I'm
happy being me.

Oh, and one thing I ought to mention. If anyone's seen the
advert (Oxo/Bisto) with the guy with the photo of Baby
Spice in his wallet (Oh, but isn't she cute? She is....) I
love it. I really do.
And if anyone's seen Watchdog of late, my Kate's becoming
wonderful at her new rôle. And, yes, I can claim her as my
own. There's not many people I can, but then there's not
many people I can imagine sitting with me as happily with a
glass of cold cider on the banks of a Nottinghashire river.

No. Don't think like that. Not Nottinghamshire. I had that
chance and I've blown it. Surely. Oh, this needs time
effort and commitment I can't put in at this point. Maybe
tomorrow. I'll sketch down a summary by tomorrow,
certainly. It might involve Blood, Sweat and Tears, but
they really don't matter, its just the things that I do, in
this garden.

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