The Basement
2002-01-23 01:39:08 (UTC)


nuthin ta do...doop doop doop. Went to canada on Sunday,
dropped E on monday from mah friend. ummm...hmmm... mah
friend tryin ta teach meeh krn. nuthin else. Didn't do mah
project...i'm dead AND buried.
Weird stuff happened in skoo. Me and mah malaysian friend
tried to sneak into a 7th grade lunch to skip P.E. Da P.E
teacher came lookin fo us since we r usually da loudest and
whiniest students in da period. Yep yep. We got caught
trying ot hide in da lunch line. Mah friend:"wha? who we?
look at dis face, does it look lyke i'm trying to skip?!"
she smiled and tried her best to look innocent. We got
dragged screaming about being too young to die to the P.E
locker room becuz we had to run a mile today.Hahaha even da
6th graders were looking at us weirdly. We hadta wear da
heart monitor strap and joanna was running around da locker
room while our teacher tried to make her wear it....mah
friend runs fast for a short and sorta chubby i guess u can call her cute.Our teacher
made us sit out since I was mumbling 'bout her torturing us
becuz she isn; getting any from her gf and dats why she's
putting all her anger on us. Now me and mah friend hafta
run 2 miles tomorrow. woopee...
Deres dis gurl named Taralynn in our P.E class. She ish
scarey! She can run miles without stopping(duh. she's in x-
country) and she's hella skinny. She sorta reminds me of a
skinny barbie. She's not slutty or anythin but she have
blonde hair and dis really green eyes. Its hardta explain.
Its scarey. And not to mention she's always hyper. She's
always trying to freak dance but it turns out wit her
looking lyke she's a human pretzel....heh heh
Becuz of her i'm paranoid. She always jump ryte in back of
me at da ryte tyme and when i turn around our noses would
be touching. Den she would suddenly jump so close that I
fell over.Den she is really physical. She would out of no
where grab mah arm from around a corner and i would end up
pressed against a wall. Den she stares at me then skip off.
Paranoid paranoid. U wont kno where she pops up next.Even
at lunch time. She wont leave me alone. She would somehow
be underneath da table and would pop up all of a sudden and
occasionally i fell out of mah seat. She would climb out
from underneath da table and sit on mah stomache just
sitting talking bout something. What a hyper lil fucker. I
need a fly swatter.One moment she'll be hugging me all of a
sudden and da next she'll be wrestling me. Its starting to
get annoying. okey, imma leave now...atleast she dun have
mah SN or mah phone- o shit...she does have it... o well.
~ WiT OnE LaBb!
OnE hUg
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