The trilogy of my life
2002-01-23 01:07:03 (UTC)

Another Day (in this life)

well today is my sisters 20th birthday and i've been
working hard to get things together for her. I also went
to school today which is really boring, i went to my new
class and pretty much i didn't have a lot of friends in the
class but hopefully that will change. I think lately that
i've been looking at the down side of life, thinking about
the not so good things and also getting mad at some people
for some stupid things. I try to think about the good
things but they seem so minicle to the other stuff, i wish
i knew what was getting me so down. Also i've been
wondering if other people test their friends to see if they
are true friends. I wonder sometimes if my friends are
true friends or are they just using me or being nice to me?
On another subject have you ever gone to see a movie that
was extremly awesome but when you left the theater you
compared your life to the life of the person in the movie
and then noticed that your life was plain or boring? i
think that i should do something with my life to change how
it is now, maybe do someting that will make it interisting.