victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
2002-01-23 00:58:14 (UTC)

Feels Like

i feel like i want to lay down and die
no i think i'll just lay down and cry
the tears are warm rolling down my cheeks
it feels like my heart has sprung a leak
it hurts so much i wish i didn't have one
how can i be sad over something i never even had?
it doesn't make any sense, but the pain is
damn near impossible to bear
on the verge of breaking, both heart and mind
but i already lost them so long ago, they're hard to find
although i'm always alone, even in a crowd,
it feels like there's a shadow constantly behind me
the shadow of pain and a tear in the eye
a smile upon my lips, but really a quiver to hold back
already lost my heart, no need now for my dignity
but hey that's gone too so now what's left
it feels like i'm naked and vulnerable
left to be picked by vultures bit by bit
but words can hurt more than punches
because they can destroy your spirit and soul,
not like a body which can heal over time
time is all we need but i'm still left to be judged
by those not worthy, no one is
the worst insult: an insincere kiss
so messed up, don't know what it feels like
just feels like an ache
a neverending perpetual ache

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