Forgotten Misery
2002-01-23 00:56:28 (UTC)


Well im not in to much of a festive mood right now. I have
my first day tomorrow oh joy let everyone in on how that
went tomorrow if school didnt kill me. Well G babe its
nice to hear u take concern for me and all. With jason u
think hes a guy to treat me good u just dont get it do u?
Jason is a drugie and an alcholic plus he smokes now what
good would that do me? He just wants my bod always has
always will I so dont want to have to get into the whole
camping trip thing cause well im not typing that triple x
stuff in here. I had a talk with my dad today more fussing
let me tell u what mom ahh and bro can we say asshole. im
on the edge holding on. bout to fall if i fall who will
care will anyone cry or will they laugh? O and grandma we
think for sure is gona die this week she is in a coma and i
didnt get to see her im such a bad grandaughter. Well um

I breathe in and breathe out
Put one foot infront of the other

The Hurting,