victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
2002-01-23 00:45:38 (UTC)

8:32 am

sitting here with nothing on my mind and everything
in my heart that's on the sleeve of the
sleeveless shirt i lost three weeks ago feeling
that i'm thinking that i'm wanting to be
six feet below but my head's in the clouds
still looking for that silver lining but all i
see are stormy skies above the faceless crowds
of people who don't notice and don't care
well what can i say the feeling is mutual
with no future of fixing the problems of the
past the grudges will last for as long as i'm
mad but it's only a few hours that can
be had take a stand on what you believe in
be it saving the world or living in sin as
long as you are strong and true the world
is yours to take don't be fake for
anyone they're not good enough be true
in your heart and wish on that star
and in this life we'll go far at least four
miles from home is something to be proud
of i grant you wisdom and love from
the gods below and the gods above
trust in every thing but no one that's
the way to run from sitting here with
everything on my mind and nothing
in my heart

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