2002-01-23 00:37:56 (UTC)

Maybe its me...

hey Sephiroth, that is my diary name hehe i like that its
not innovative thats why its cool don't cha think? hehe
whateva i dont care augh i think im gettin a cold cuz ive
been sneezing a lot prolly like 12 times in school oh well i
got my nails done yesterday they look so purty i lub em'! hmm
school was boring like always what else is new? not too much
my sis talked 2 Joseph yesterday basically this boy im into
and she asked him questions about me! and he was like shes
purty and all but i wouldnt go out with her! just hearing
that makes me sad b'cuz i actually thought he was into me to
ya know he acts like it he referes to me as his g/f and all
but he said he just likes to play around with me b'cuz he
knows i like him! hello! how rude is he im all thinking he
lkes me and all and then all it was , was playfullness what
the hell what r the odds? awwwwww man every guy that i like
only want me as a friend i dunno im starting to think im not
girlfriend material , i mean a lot of guyz like me but the
thing is i dont like them like that ,, they r cool and all
but not like that ya noe oh well my knight in shiny armor
will come soon, hopefully i will fall in love someday with
an awesome guy and all the girls will be jealous haha that
would rock so much! but you know what they say "great things happen
for those who wait". :P but then again maybe its all in ma mind...

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