Deep Down
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2002-01-23 00:30:03 (UTC)

A Love Like No Other

I want to love you like no other will ever love you. I want
to hold you long enough for you to remember. I want to gaze
into your beautiful sparkling eyes.....that each eye you
look upon, will never mean as much as mine. I love you. I
know this. You know this. I wish I was there. To hold you.
Protect you. Love you like the innocent flower you are. I
hope you feel the same way about me. I know you do. Why do
I even dare question. I am the ugly, cracked road on which
your beautiful flower blooms....forever in beauty. I want
to touch your soft silky skin. Smell your wonderful scent.
Look into your beautiful eyes. Touch your beautiful hair.
See you. Be with you. You are my life. My love. A woman....

Love Always Issac

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