DJ MatrixX5
2001-04-19 01:04:12 (UTC)

Wednesday, April 18th 2001

Dear Journal,
This was basically the worst and final day of my
vacation. My mom doesn't seem to want me hanging out with
girls, why? I dunno. But she just doesn't. So I lied to her
and told her that I was going to go to my other friend's
house but she found out anyway because I'm not a good liar.
And so she got really mad. And I felt bad the whole day.
And when she came back from work, we talked about it and I
feel a lot better now. But I'm grounded for the rest of the
week so that sucks. Oh well. The 4th and last quarter
starts tomorrow and I want to get school over with. Nothign
else really happened. Well, I hafta go now. Goodbye!