Baby Story
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2002-01-23 00:12:03 (UTC)

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Today I started working both jobs. How exhausting! I got
up at 6:00am, and was on the bus by 7:30. Worked from 8-
4:30, then got back on the bus at 4:40 and arrived home in
just enough time to get in my car and drive to my evening
job. Now I am working from 5-9, and then I think I will
drop dead??? LoL. Money, money money tho! I don't think
its healthy to do this at 4 1/2 months preggo tho, do you?
Oh well, only 2 weeks of this, and then Ill be going HOME
at 4:30 for the whole night, and NO MORE weekends!!! YAY!
Nelson has got to be THE BEST friend/fiance/support that I
could have ever asked for. He understood when I yelled at
him about not working double shifts (mind you this was MY
choice!), and when I continued to bawl my eyes out at work
after I realized that I just wanted to go home, and he
hugged me and brought me Taco Bell when I stopped crying
enough to tell him that I was hungry for tacos. I don't
know what I would do without him, and as my mother
says... "Poor, poor Nelson." LoL, hes so wonderful. All
of the sudden, my stomach feels really big... maybe its the
tacos...haha. Only 2 more hours, and I can get out of
these stockings and dress, and into some comfy cozy
sweats... Hope you are all a bit more energetic than I.
Just bear with me for the next couple weeks!!! Thanks!

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