The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-01-22 23:43:46 (UTC)

I'm a beautiful person!

Okay, in Geography, we never really learn anything about
geography. We talked about abortion, language, etc today.
And at one point, my professor (who is *PHONETIC SPELLING*
fore-in and also likes to bash things to make us a bit
angry.. but then reminds us we all have different
views/religions) said "What if I say that this girl (me)
and this guy (AFSJSB - a really cute guy :) ) are
beautiful? Does everyone think they're beautiful? What does
beautiful mean?" So heres me in the front row, having a
good hair day, and probobly as red as a tomato in July...
trying not to look like an idiot cos I know the whole class
is staring at me... hehe

I decided I like my hair. It is no longer as orangey-red as
our afgan at home. (We have this brown and orangey-red
afgan that my something or other made a long time ago...
you know, like the 70's, and my hair matched it when i dyed
it this then-hideous-now-nice hair color. I decided that
when I wear it curly, it is now long and brown enough to
look like Grace's on Will and Grace. I would use her real
name Debra but I cant spell her last name, so its eaiser to
say Grace. :)

Hehe, well Im off to read Heather's new entry... If only I
was as good as writing them... Mine are kind of spratic!
(is that a word?)