mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-22 23:29:40 (UTC)

Lisa --- I LOVE YOU !!!!!

i am having a very good day today.....lisa & i went
shopping today & we haven't fought today ! we bought a
bunch of FDNY Fire-Zone action figures, I am putting some
of them up on e-Bay, i am always buying from e-Bay, i used
to sell some stuff, now it is time to sell again....
I am actually hoping to make enough to cover all purchases
today, we will have to see how it goes... talked to jon, he
did finally get his cd's from KC-101 and , in case i forgot
to tell everyone, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LISA CLARK !!!!
Yes, things are starting to get better again, and when you
are bi-polar, the more good days that you have , the
better.. Lisa is goin to her shrink tomorrow, i hope she
will ask to change her med, as she dosen't seem to be
really helping much if at all, and i think i need to see
about gettin mine upped, or changed , to try to keep me
more level.
we are gonna be goin to visit the indians on fri night, i
am hoping we dont get scalped....
I guess that is about it for now, i might write more