Emotional Fluctuations
2002-01-22 23:05:21 (UTC)

Just a simple discussion

Hey there. Not much is happening n my life. Ok, well, there
r a few things happening but I don't have the time 2 go n2
detail at this moment. I just wanted 2 put an entry in and
I am getting IE cabin fever and I can't wait until we go 2
ACTF. Th ecool thing is I'm rooming with Andy, Billy and
Ricky..ok, well the last 1 isn't so cool but I'll get by.
Speaking of Billy, I need 2 meet with him 2 rehearse our
scene and my monologue if I hope 2 win this thing. That
would b nice but I'm starting 2 have doubts. I got the play
that my monologue is from and it stinks but the mono is
cool so I'll eep it. But 4 my CETAs I'm using Major Barbara
and A Frog in His Throat instead. I hope I get some work
out of it. That would b cool. I'm also singing and that's
new. I have lass with Lisa and I'm gathjering audition
pieces 2 expand my hire-ability. I would really love 2
become semi-famous and make tons of movies. I believe I
have what it takes and what puts me above the countless
others is I have a great work ethic and a terrific
personality (well, that's what I've been told). 1st order
of business however is to get a voice coach and take voice
classes and continue 2 work on my diction and articulation.
That is my weakpoint. Well, I'm off 2 school and 2 check on
my financial status (which sucks). Peace & B Wild.