Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-01-22 23:00:33 (UTC)

Signs of Low Self Esteem...

Thank you Mrs Lussier for the topic of my journal entry...

Supposedly hiding your emotions is a sign of insecurity.
Im not insecure, I have self esteem, Im just afraid of
getting hurt. There is nothing wrong with being cautious
with your heart...

Either that or Im just a typical teen.

I found this little entry I wrote on a piece of paper last
night... i wrote it like, last year probably in the summer

Heres the lyric it mentions: 'I see you next to never, how
can we say forever?'

'Hey! Whats up? Im sitting here trying nto to be pissed.
I mean, Matt called me, and every 5 minutes Ashey came and
yelled at me. And right now theyre playing a song thats
making me bawl. Like, right here waiting for you or
something. I would wait forever to see Matt. I would. I
love him so much. I wish i could make his life perfect,
show him how great he really is. I wouldnt give him away
for anything. Hes mine, and I love him. I will never
leave him, not if i can help it.'


*Gets yelled at for being on the computer*

Matt, I love you baby, your my angel
Marie, Hey sweetie i love you!
Huggles, yo dude man, saltie is my friend ;) I loves ya too.