2002-01-22 22:41:41 (UTC)


You'd think in a family with five males there would be at
least one sports nut. I can say, and I say it thankfully,
there aren't Oh, the boys will watch basketball if the
Portland Blazers are playing but that team just drives me
crazy. They'll be way ahead and you'll think finally
they're going to win and then they just dribble (so to
speak) all of it away. Their lead disappears and then, with
only a few minutes left of playing time, you're bitting your
fingernails wondering if they're going to pull it out. Too
often they don't! Too much stress for me! No thank you!

But as for watching other sports there isn't much of that.
John doesn't like watching football or any other sports
although he'll glance through the sports pages so when he
goes to work he can say participate a bit in conversations
with his co-workers along the lines of *How about them
(fill in the blank)!* Otherwise, no interest.

Now, however, it's time for the Olympics and it's the Winter
Olympics at that. I don't much like the summer events but
I'll be the one with the television on when the Games begin
in about three weeks. I'll be watching the skating events
including mixed pairs and ice dancing and the skiing--the
downhill and giant shalom are must-sees--and the luge. I
love the luge! I just love to imagine myself hurling down an
icy mountain concourse at speeds approaching 80 miles per
hour! Can't you just imagine that? A 52-year old woman,
long hair streaked with gray streaming behind her, screaming
down the mountain with a huge grin on her face! Wouldn't
that be fun to see!