*blank stare*
2002-01-22 22:07:46 (UTC)

*Sighs* An Update Simply for the Sake of Updating...

Well, here's how things stand right now:

Work is great, Bob and I are great, Family is great, a few
mishaps with my friends...

Not mishaps between myself and them, understand. But
Jacob has been having some "problems" with Sara, the Drunk
Girl at Allie's New Year's Party who ended up screwing
Picard while Jacob was helping me during my panic attacks.
At the Battle of the Bands, also, she seemed to be
spending an awful lot of time with Picard, CLOSE time if
you get me. Then when we all parted ways at Bickford's
afterwards, Jacob went home with her...
Some details need not be disclosed, though I imagine
everyone knows them already anyway. But suffice it to say
that Sara had me extremely confused as to who she was with.
Friday I drove to Newington to meet up with Bob, as
always, and he and Norty were late but I was greeted by
Picard and Sara when I arrived at the Food Court. Picard
went into Software Etc while Sara and I sat on benches in
the hallway. I asked her if she was with Jacob OR Jason, or
niether. What she told me was "I'm "Unoffically" with
Jacob." I asked her if Picard knew this, and she said she
had "had a long talk with him about it." This was an
acceptable answer at the time. However, as the night wore
on (which consisted of Bob, Norty and Bri meeting us, all
of us going to Buster's where we met up with Kat, Mike,
Bin, Jess, and Brian G, and then to my house), I noticed
Sara and Picard were practically in each other's pockets. I
knew it was none of my business, and really, it isn't. I
wasn't and am not trying to get involved... but I knew
either someone was being lied to, or Sara was playing
Jacob. I would stand for niether of these, especially the
latter. The last thing Jacob needs right now is to have his
heart broken. I wouldn't allow for Kat to do this to Mike,
or for Allie to do it to Jon... so I was determined to at
least tell Jacob my thoughts on the matter. However, before
I could find Jacob...

Picard and I spoke online, and I told him what Sara had
said to me. Apparently, according to him, he and Jacob got
a similar story only with names reversed... as in, she told
Jacob she wanted to be with him and not Jason, and told J
that she wanted to be with HIM and not Jacob. Don't ask
where what she told me comes in, I'm still trying to work
that one out...

Anyway, so Sara spends Friday night out somewhere and gets
grounded from going out on Saturday, which was when the
whole gang, minus Jon, Allie and Steph, came here. Even
Butland and Tony showed up, which was great since I hardly
ever get to see them.
Sunday, the last ones to leave were Jacob, Bob and Norty,
and I talked to Jacob about it on the Porch of Emphazema. I
told him what I've already mentioned here, and we chatted a
little, but that was the basic extent of it. What happens
now? We shall see... but I feel better knowing that
whatever now happens with Sara and Jacob, it won't happen
because he is left in the dark about her.

On another topic, there's Norty. He and I have been
talking a lot lately about his "relationship status", and
how I see him as really being on the inside, not how he
acts. Most everyone thinks he's a jerk, and he can say
cruel things sometimes, but to me he isn't that way by
nature. It's a defense mechanism. I crack jokes, Steph
cries, Norty makes rude and caustic comments. There's a
hell of a lot more to it than that, but I'm not going to
explain everything since whenever anyone confides in me, it
is held in strictest confidence until they say it doesn't
have to be, and even then, I'm reluctant to say anything.
I'll just say that Jason is not on the inside how he
appears on the outside... and I'm appreciative that he
allows me to see the inside. I get the feeling that there's
very few people that actually KNOW him, and I still wonder
if I really do...

Oh, before I forget, great news: Brian gets to go finish
his year at Hofstra, which is totally rad. I'm really happy
for him, because he really wanted this second chance and
hopefully, things will go better this semester. Also, Kat
is making another attempt at Keene and began today... I'm
thiking of her, as I told her I would.

And speaking of college, I have been giving serious
consideration to going to school to major in Psychology.
Since I doubt I could manage school AND a full- time job, I
guess I could leave JSR (sob... no, seriously, I love it
there) and go away to school, and not just take night
classes. Norty is transferring to USM next fall, and
depending on how things go, Bob might be enrolling with
him... in which case, I would also enroll, jump the state
line, and go to USM with them. Jon Butland goes there as
well. If I do go away to school, it would be a lot easier
and better to go where I have some people who are close to
me... We'll see what happens, fall is aways off yet.


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