2002-01-22 22:05:22 (UTC)


I hope everyone had an okay Tuesday! My day was the usual
stuff. Although more sorority girls decided to be stupid at
the SAC. Damn how many times does that have to happen to

Opps. . I feel asleep in 2 or my 3 classes today, I guess
that's what I get for geting up early to go to the SAC.
Lab lady is just so damn boring, I don't know how anyone
stays awake. And my gosh I don't even know what my Applied
Nutrition teacher is thinking. WHy in the hell would one
talk about articles that you haven't read but you have to
read? I mean if I'm going to read about it why am I
listening to you talk about it? Well yeah that's why I had
to go to sleep!!

Work was. . well. . I think y'all have heard me complain
about it enough to know that today was a BAD at work. She
was like freaking out like a lil psycho today, swearing up
a storm under her breath. I was like "OH GOSH, NOT
AGAIN". Anyhow I mangaged to escape for most of the time
doing assinine work for Mary! You gotta love her:)

OHHHHHHH....I'm almost done with my OIE application, I
think I might even be able to turn it in tomorrow. I am so
super excited!

I almost forgot, my work at home is so STUPID! They are
making me super mad, I might lose lots of money I would sue
i think!