2002-01-22 21:47:05 (UTC)


Hey!! WOW it's been a loong time since I've written to
you! Well I have been busy. I am so happy- swimming ends
next Friday!! It has been a looong season. The one thing
that makes me sad is that I won't be able to see David
anymore :( . O you want to know who David is...hehehe
he's my crush. i think that he likes me too (when he had
his arm around me at the bus loop...ahhhhhh!). hehe I
REALLY like him (unlike Parker-ugh he's such an a**). was a pretty good day. I get to go out to
dinner and "google shopping" tonight! and the BEST part is
I GET TO DRIVE!! well I hope ;) lol Well i gg tootles~